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Christal Clear Skin Starter Pack


The Christal Clear Skin Starter Pack contains:

Cleansing Milk (30ml): This silky smooth cleansing milk gently eliminates all traces of makeup and impurities in one single step. The Cleansing Milk works to remove surface dirt and make up, leaving skin perfectly clean, supple and comfortable.

Sebum Balancer facial wash (30ml): Our unique formula will banish blemishes in days. Unlike ordinary soaps the Sebum Balancer Facial Wash leaves skin soft and supple whilst working to unclogs pores with its antibacterial properties that work to prevent future breakouts.

Clarifying Toning Lotion (30ml): The Clarifying Toning Lotion is a revolutionary formula that works like an instant facelift in a bottle. The toning lotion unclogs pores, lifting off dead skin, leaving the complexion clear, smooth and even toned. Minimize pore size and oiliness while its antibacterial properties minimizes breakouts, tone the skin and help to reduce sebum production. Skin instantly feels fresher, clearer.

Sebum Balancer Moisturiser (30ml): A light weight powerful moisturising cream packed with nutrients. A velvet mattifying effect with no greasy after feel. The active Thistle oil makes this an excellent moisturizer with superior skin conditioning and anti-aging properties.


Products are suitable for all skin types.

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