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From back-a-yard straight to your home

Welcome to Ebony Status Caribbean Box Delivery Service

About Us, for Us, From Us  

A unique opportunity to bring together a vision.

A vision that encapsulates a successful combination of modern UK living together with being a conscientious and demanding consumer.

Our core values are simple:

  • Reliability and Trust

  • Ethically Sourced Products

  • Competitive Prices

At Ebony Status, we offer choice, quality service and professionalism. 

We are founded on the philosophy that to promote cultural identity, we need to prioritise our needs and expect product excellence.

Our brand will offer solutions for different aspects of our everyday lives for the whole family. Whether we are providing a shopping experience or leisure activity, you will notice the difference.

Our business interests include:

  • Caribbean Produce Box Delivery Service

  • Hair and Beauty
  • Well being

  • Information

  • Events        

Avid consumers, we now turn our attention to being the organisers and the sellers of products and services that will enhance our everyday lives. With this in mind, our aim is to ensure our brand promotes an environment that is comfortable, affordable whilst giving you a choice that matches the buying power that you possess.

We sincerely hope that having spent time with us, you would reflect on this time as being a valued experience. 

We welcome your suggestions. We will listen to our customers. We will value your opinion.