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The content of our boxes depends on seasonal availability and market prices, which vary from week to week.

However, certain produce are available all year round and these include yams - green banana - plantain - pumpkin - cho cho

Expect to find these in both the regular and family size box each week.

I am sure you will understand, some of our produce are premium priced eg. breadfruit - sugar cane - sour sop - jelly coconut 

sorrel - jack fruit - yellow yam.  These type of produce, when in season, will usually only be included in the £18 family size box.     

At this early stage of our business, we are not offering bespoke boxes. 

We have added new regions to our catchment area (London and postcodes within the M25)

Coming soon Birmingham......

We promise to try to accommodate more areas as the business grows. 

Please ensure you:

You place the correct contact number (mobile) when placing your order, our driver will need to contact you when making delivery - those paying via pay pal - check telephone number and address on your pay pal account.  

Place fresh items into the fridge on delivery. 


Interested in purchasing our fruits and vegetables? Click the button on this page to buy our fresh produce. 

Orders can be placed on-line or via telephone - Deliveries will be made once per week

Place your order before Wednesday 6PM - Delivery Friday / Saturday 

Opening times: 8AM - 7PM SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK 

Delivery Charge £3.25 per order

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Regular size 1-2 people

Family size 4-6 people

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